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What are the rules of boarding and disembarkation?

   Rules of carriage by buses and trolleybuses in Vilnius city approved by the decision No. 1-402 of Vilnius city municipality on 25th January 2012 came into force since 1st of March 2012. In accordance to Paragraph 12 the passengers shall board and disembark the bus / trolleybus according to the information symbols at the doors indicated by the carrier.

   According to the procedure set by UAB „Vilniaus viešasis transportas“ the passengers should board the vehicles through all doors and disembark the vehicles through all doors except the front.The icons at the doors inform about that.

   Such procedure of boarding and disembarkation was established for several reasons.

   Given the traffic safety, it is not recommended standing at the front of the vehicle besides the front door as during the emergency braking of the vehicle the passengers can fall through the front windshield.

   If passengers embark through the front door, the other passengers who need to buy a single ticket at the driver linger more, as they have to skip the embarking passengers first and that partly causes the higher time costs.

   Another reason: there are vehicles of various models in bus and trolleybus depots and some of them has the specific barriers at the driver‘s cab that burden the disembarkation of the passengers through the front doors. These trolleybuses and buses make around one-fifth of all vehicles.