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Complaints regarding the heating of buses and trolleybuses in winter

   The cabin heating systems of all buses and trolleybuses are checked every autumn, before the winter sand we spent around 15–29 thousand euro annually to repair them.

   However, most of the trolleybuses and buses are older than 15 years, and they are morally and technically outdated. Therefore, in a heavy frost (when the temperature is lower than -15°C), we cannot assure the effective heating of the cabin.

   Due to lack of money, we do not have a possibility to install additional and better heating systems; the funds allocated for the service of trolleybuses and buses are primarily used to buy the critical parts (engines, chassis), tires etc.

   Besides that, the cabins of trolleybuses and buses warm up only after one or two trips, so the passengers of the first trips may experience a greater discomfort.

   When the air temperature is lower than 0°C, the driver shall turn on the cabin heating system of the bus or trolleybus to keep the positive temperature. When the air temperature is lower than -15°C, cabin-heating system shall work permanently.