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What is a cookie ?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your web browser and recognized by the website during your visit and if you visit us again. It allows us to provide you with information most suitable for you and enhance your experience on our site. A cookie does not contain any personal information and it is not a harmful program or virus.
Why need cookies?
The cookie is used by the web page to support the session when browsing the web page. Cookies are classified according to their expiration date and areas to which they belong. By the expiry date, cookies are: session cookies that are removed after the visitor has closed the browser, or long-term cookies that remain on the visitor's computer or device for a predefined period.
Our website uses cookies:
Vilniaus viešojo transporto website uses web analytics program Google Analytics of Google, Inc. This programm uses cookies to make it easier to investigate the site users' needs and to improve the site accordingly. We do not record personal data.
Data about cookies used
Name Description Expiry date
CMSSESSIDX Standard cookie used to support a user session

Until the closing of the website window

cookie_consent A cookie used to recognize or accept cookies on our site 3 years

In most cases, this cookie is used to identify unique visitors to the page and is updated in the view of each page. In addition, this cookie is given a unique identifier that Google Analytics uses to ensure cookie validity and availability as an additional security feature

Until the end of the session
_gat This cookie is used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of queries Until the end of the session
_gid This cookie is used by Google Analytics to distinguish between users 24 hours
How do I control cookies?
If you wish, you can control and / or remove cookies - for more information, see the website address
Types of cookies

Cookies are seasoned and long-lasting, and cookies from the first or dairy party. Here's what we mean by these terms, so that you can better understand the cookies we use and why they are used.
Session cookies
Session cookies allow you to identify yourself through one visit to our site so that all changes or choices to a page are memorized when traveling from one page to another. These cookies allow you to quickly and easily navigate through numerous pages on your site so that every time you visit a new location, you do not have to re-process the information. Session cookies are temporary and disappear as soon as you close your browser or disconnect from the site.
Long-term cookies
Long-term cookies are cookies that remain on your computer after a browsing session for a specified period, so they can save certain user options or actions when the site is re-visited.
First Party Cookies
The cookies that are required to function properly on the our website.
Third party cookies
These cookies are used by other organizations through our site. In our website uses Google Analytics cookies to analyze site traffic. Google Analytics collects anonymously information about the number of visitors, the location from which our site was used, and which parts of the site were visited by visitors. These cookies are created by Google Analytics. Learn more about Google Analytics at
Any information collected through cookies is stored until cookies expire and are not used for purposes other than those specified in this policy.