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What is the cleaning procedure of bus / trolleybus cabin?

   The company has set the requirements of everyday cleaning. All buses / trolleybuses (without any exceptions) are swept out; the dust and dirt are cleaned from all surfaces (seats, windowsills, windows and railings) after the trips. When some materials are spilled on the floor, seats, windows are greased, or we find „stuck” chewing gum, the cabin shall be wet-cleaned with water, chemicals and other cleaning materials. In winter, when the flu epidemic begins, the cabins are cleaned with disinfectant materials.

   When the interior is clean, the exterior of buses and trolleybuses is washed at automatic washes by using the detergent materials. In dry weather, the exteriors of buses / trolleybuses are washed according to the need. Responsible employees are controlling this.

   Each cleaned bus / trolleybus shall be registered in a special register. The employee who performed the cleaning works shall sign there.

   It happens that after the first few trips the passengers mess up the buses / trolleybuses with sunflower husks, spill various fluids or otherwise grease the cabin. The drivers are obliged to collect the large trash (papers, bottles and so on) at the backstop of each trip, but the company cannot provide them with tools to wash the floor or clean the greased places.