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Is the animal transportation allowed in the buses / trolleybuses? 

  Animal transportation is allowed, but you shall follow the requirements of Paragraphs 31-35 of Rules of carriage by buses and trolleybuses in Vilnius city (Rules were approved by the decision No. 1-402 of Vilnius city municipality on 25th January 2012).

   The passenger is entitled to transport the animal in the box. However, the box shall not interfere the passengers to pass, be unveiled or grease the seats of the bus/trolleybus or the clothes of passengers.

   The passenger, having the documents indicating the vaccinations, is entitled to go by bus / trolleybus with a dog without a box. The dog shall have muzzled, it shall be kept on leash which is not longer than 0,5 m and it should not occupy the seat. If the animal litters the cabin of bus / trolleybus, the passenger shall immediately clean up the unclean place.

   The passenger shall be responsible for the damage caused by the animals to other passenger‘s health, life, property and peace and also shall compensate the damage. The passenger shall also follow the rules of Animal keeping in the territory of Vilnius city municipality approved by Vilnius City Municipality Council.